Shoji Shiba's study of Breakthrough Management

Shoji Shiba is an internationally renowned management expert and teacher. He was awarded the 2002 Deming Prize for Individuals, Japan's highest management award for individuals.

The Japanese edition of Shoji Shiba's book Breakthrough Management organized and summarized the previous decade of Professor Shiba's investigation into practical methods of surviving in a rapidly changing world where top management leadership toward business breakthrough is equally (sometimes more) important than traditional management techniques. For the book, Shjoi Shiba received The Nikkei QC Literature Prize for which he was nominated by the Deming Committee.

Breakthrough Management has now been rewritten and significantly expanded (xii + 267 pages) in English in collaboration with David Walden. The subtitle of the new English edition of Breakthrough Management is "Principles, Skills, and Patterns for Transformational Leadership".

This new book complements Shiba and Walden's previous book on improving an existing business, Four Practical Revolutions in Management: Systems for Creating Unique Organizational Capability, which is available from Productivity Press,, etc.

The French translation of Shoji Shiba's 2003 Japanese Breakthrough Management book, by Shoji Shiba with Martine Morel, appeared from the Eyrolles Group in 2007.

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