Corrections to Breakthrough Management

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Note: Errors corrected in later printings undoubtedly still exist in earlier printings; errors corrected in earlier printings should already be fixed in all later printings.

Corrections to sixth printing

Page xi, spell "Acknowledgements" in the header as "Acknowledgments".

Page 4, line 5 of second complete paragraph: change "Személybe Járar" to "Józsefvárosi Piac".

Page 15, line 4: change "Czarneki00" to "Czarnecki00".

Page 22, source data for Table 2-1: add open quotation mark for "The Factory Winning in Competition".

Page 27, next to bottom line: change "retail shows" to "retail shops".

Page 33, line 3: change "Arthur Anderson" to "Arthur Andersen".

Page 71, last sentence, change "five" to "six".

Pages 73-101: throughout chapter 4, change "Zorbist" to "Zobrist", also in Table 5-3 (page 125), and in the chapter 4 notes (pages 253-254).

Page 82, Figure 4-5: "Puegeot" should read "Peugeot".

Page 97, first line after the definition of Principle 5: change "of principle" to "of this principle".

Page 116, line 2, remove one instance of "design" in "design design".

Page 182, Label 1, change "Last year" to "Last month".

Page 191, fifth line, change "Over the course of each state" to "Over the course of each stage".

Page 192, fifth line, change "Teredyne" to "Teradyne".

Page 195, Figure 8-2: change "Including pople" to "including people".

Page 199 Figure 8-4 and page 224 Figure 9-10: change the C in the CMT cycle to a D in a DMT cycle.

Chapter 9 running header, from page 213: change "Obstracles" to "Obstacles".

Page 222, the paragraph below the figure, change "(1)a process of creative insight" to "(1) a process of creating insight".

Page 229, Figure 9-11, reverse numbers 1 and 2.

Page 240, remove the quotation mark from the end of the block quote.

Page 247, last paragraph, change "difficult from an" to "difficult for an".

Page 254, note 4 of chapter 5, change "the management or a company" to "the management of a company".

Corrections to fourth printing

Page xi, last line of the second paragraph: change "Elizabeth" to "Elizabeth Dearborn"

Corrections to the third printing

Page 136 (figure 6-3): above third column "improvement" is misspelled.

On pages 169, 187, 188 and 234: there was an inexplicable problem in the printing process that caused letters to be left out of the text of figures on these pages; click here to see correct versions of these figures

Corrections to first and second printings

Acknowledgments: page ix, first line: Many people helped and supported us Page x, first line: Kenji Murakawa collaborated

Page x, first line of last paragraph: The text in several

Page xii, 6th line from top of page: In addition, I thank her for her recent ...

Page xii, 3rd line from bottom of page: 40 years of Sara's ...

Chapter 1, page 8, next to last line of first complete paragraph: universities, for instance

Page 9, in title of table, change "among of" to "among"

Page 15, next to last line of third paragraph: not even in Japan

Page 21, first line of text: mid-1990s, was

Page 25, next to last line of last full paragraph: resulting in a 10X

Page 26, figure 2-6, correct spelling of "Janapese" to "Japanese", add "Glass" after "Okamoto", and correct spelling of "Sieko" to "Seiko"

Chapter 2, page 28, second line: that require the full service

Page 31, fourth line: than an incident

Page 31, tenth line: fertilizers, or growth

Page 31, fourth line from bottom, change "was were" to "was"

Page 40, third line above the figure, change "in in" to "in"

Page 41, first line of second paragraph, change "The the" to "The"

Chapter 3, page 48, second to last paragraph, third line: Western societies

Page 49, fifth line of paragraph beginning "Thus, in effect", change "that was" to "that were"

Page 54, fifth to last line of second paragraph: to remain independent

Page 55, lines 5 and 6, change "provide" to "provides"

Page 58, seven lines from the bottom: food was very limited

Page 59, second line from the bottom: customers don't like

Page 60, fifth line of first complete paragraph: particularly the doctors

Page 64, second line: Brother Wim met

Page 64, second full paragraph, second and third lines: remained an integral

Page 66, second full paragraph, third line: they persevered

Page 68, fourth bullet, second line: both the good idea

Page 69, line 4, change "left side of the Figure" to "the left side of Figure"

Page 70, second line of first complete paragraph: computers and communications

Page 70, next to last line, change "ments company" to "ment company"

Chapter 4, Page 74, fourth line from the bottom: find the next person

Page 76, next to last line of second complete paragraph: previous month's quality

Page 76, seventh line of second complete paragraph: tended to focus

Page 81, Figure 4-4, change "capatibiltiy" to "capability"

Page 82, Figure 4-5, change "Puegeot 1" to "Peugeot 1"

Page 82, sixth line of text: leaders works a strong

Page 82, eighth line from bottom, change "whose goal is" to "with a goal of"

Page 83, nine lines from bottom: more than 150 years

Page 86, fifth line: our head office, is

Page 88, fourth line below the numbered list: between expectations and results

Page 88, last line of same paragraph, change "to frown-scale" to "to-frown scale"

Page 88, first line of next to last paragraph: CEO is to transform

Page 90, eighth line of first complete paragraph, change "ITEF" to "IETF"

Page 91, seventh line, change "suiting" to "suited"

Page 91, sixth line before the figure, change "effectively" to "effective"

Page 92, fifth line from bottom, change "recognized of the" to "recognized the"

Page 96, first line of last paragraph: needs to show

Page 98, fifth line from bottom, change "they begins" to "they begin"

Page 100, first line: can simply use

Page 101, first line: change "in in" to "in"

Chapter 5, page 107, seventh line: is known as an

Page 111, next to last line: described in this

Page 113, first line: corner of Figure

Page 116, fourth to last line: sits down and asks

Page 117, fifth to last line: finding defects early

Page 118, first line of section 5.3, change "management FAVI, SOL, and NIMS models" to "FAVI, SOL, and NIMS management models"

Page 119 third line of first complete paragraph: influence by the philosophy

Page 124, bottom right of corner of the table, change "challeng" to "challenge"

Page 125, SOL row of table, change "Joromen" to "Joronen" twice

Page 126, Maeda row of table, change "Dr. Maeda international" to "Dr. Maeda's international"

Page 127, last column of FAVI row of table, change "eliminated of unneeded" to "eliminated unneeded"

Chapter 6, page 131, third line, change "of the Figure" to "of Figure"

Page 132, sixth line of the quote: that all the men

Page 136, Figure 6-3, change "improbement" to "improvement"

Page 137, next to last line, change "Jerrery" to "Jeffery" and change "mean" to "means"

Page 139, second line of second complete paragraph: on a statistically

Page 139, fourth to last line of same paragraph: include a diverse

Page 142, first line below the figure, change "is a financially" to "is financially"

Page 150, fifth line from bottom, drop "diagrammed and"

Page 151, third and fourth lines from end of first complete paragraph, change "In such as case discerning" to "In such a case, discerning"

Page 153, 12th line from end of page, change "iris" to "pupil"

Page 154, second line of second bullet, change "defenders army have" to "defenders have"

Page 161, fourth line from end of first paragraph: painting looks quite

Page 161, third line from end of second paragraph: and signs of

Page 162, last line of first paragraph, change "Province" to "province"

Page 162, six lines from bottom: page of Dale Farm's

Page 162, next line: at right is a

Page 164, second line of Right image: the spontaneous looking

Chapter 7, page 172, first line of the subsection: One key task is detecting

Page 172, third line of the second paragraph of the subsection: moving toward fact.

Page 175, subsection title at top of page: multivalued statements

Page 176, line A2 near the bottom of the page: change "Find a past" to "Find past"

Page 182, Figure 7-12, instruction 3 should read: Construct sentence with the same step 1 words/phrases and step 2 issues.

Page 190, eighth line of text: models for management

Chapter 8, page 192, second line from bottom, insert an em-dash before "the feasibility", e.g.,
ing—the feasibility

Page 196, second line of subsection 2, drop "the" before "Teradyne's best"

Page 198, fifth line of text: the Aurora case study

Page 202, last line: tools are used to make

Page 203, first line of second paragraph: change "Sekio" to "Seiko"

Page 210, Figure 8-11, about four text entries from the left: Successful laboratory experiments

Chapter 9, page 218, sixth line above the figure: were most likely

Page 219, first line above the quote, change "in in" to "in"

Page 221, line 11, change "which is inevitably" to "which inevitably"

Page 221, second line of section 9.3: market breakthrough or organizational breakthrough

Page 222, first line below the figure caption: to result in at least

Page 223, Figure 9-9, bottom row: Initiator's breakthrough

Page 227, five lines about the numbered list, change "than a 90" to "than 90"

Page 228, first line, change "Regarding the Foster's" to "Regarding Foster's"

Page 228, first line of the next paragraph: presentations of Professors

Chapter 10, page 233, first line below title lines: use of several

Page 235, third line of the last paragraph of the subsection beginning near the top of the page, change "in a new" to "in new"

Page 237, point 6 of Table 10-1: experienced business people

Page 238, second line of last paragraph: At several points in this book, we have suggested

Page 244, line 10 from the top: successful corporations

Page 244, two lines later: Devices Inc.) explains

Notes, page 253, first line: choose not to give up

Page 254, note 4 of chapter 5, third line: to improve the performance

Page 256, note 9, next to last line: the apparent image can

Page 256, note 11: quoted in Derveux98

Bibliography, page 259, Drucker74: add a period after the word "Practices" and before "New York" and drop the extra instance of "New York"

Page 260, second line of entry for Johnson98: New York

Page 261, Levy94 entry, second line: "that changed everything

Page 261, Lillrank89 entry, second line, change "Japanses" to "Japanese"

Page 261, MacGregor85 entry, change "MacGregor" to "McGregor"

Page 262, Shiba03 entry, second line: Unique Organizational Capability

Page 262, entries for "Shoba06a" and "Shoba06b" should be for "Shiba06a" and "Shiba06b"

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