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David Walden, Editor of the CQM Journal

Dave Walden is editor of the Center for Quality of Management Journal and a CQM Counselor. From 1995-1999, Mr. Walden also had a faculty appointment at MIT teaching a business improvement course for a joint program of the Sloan School of Management and the Engineering School.

Prior to joining CQM in 1995, Mr. Walden spent twenty-seven years with BBN Corporation. Early in his career, he was part of the small team that developed ARPANET -- the precursor of the Internet -- where he took part in the initial implementation of packet-switching and development of such now-ubiquitous Internet protocols as Telnet.

Mr. Walden holds a B.A. in mathematics from San Francisco State College and did graduate work in computer science at MIT. In 1992, the first year it was awarded, Dave Walden was a recipient of the CQM's Ray Stata Outstanding Contributor Award.

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