Why we are self-publishing Breakthrough Management

Our last two books, A New American TQM and Four Practical Revolutions in Management, were published by the Productivity Press in conjunction with the Center for Quality of Management (CQM).

Early in 2006, we made a joint decision with the CQM to try out, for this book, the breakthrough technologies of print-on-demand and Internet-based selling with the CQM being listed as the sole publisher of the book. We finished writing the book with this approach in mind, funding the development (editing, illustration, etc.) of the book ourselves.

Unfortunately, as the time for actual publication of this book was upon us, the CQM was acquired by another organization and we could no longer list the CQM as publisher. We could have sought a traditional publisher at that time, but that would have delayed publication for many months and we would have lost the opportunity to try the breakthrough technologies. Thus, we continued our course of self-publication. The Confederation of Indian Industry (with which Shoji Shiba has much collaborative activity) agreed to be the nominal publisher, we funded printing ourselves, and we have been developing our own approaches to distribution. We are also investigating possibilities for translations into other languages, which we would probably also self-publish.

Anyone interested in self-publishing might be interested in author Walden's "Notes on Self-Publishing".

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