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About the Diede genealogical web site

Note (from Dave Walden, 2015-01-05):
While waiting for Margie's genealogy to come out, I will make Velva's earlier version available again (as a searchable digital PDF), on the condition that it not be posted on the web and only used on your local computers. For a copy of this, email me as
Velva's version has errors that have been corrected in Margie's later version.

This web site is related to the Diede genealogy work of Margie Zimmerman Jackson.

We envision this web site being used for communication with other interested parties: people working on related genealogies and people with contributions to make to this genealogy. We also envision the web site being a place for people to post notes and photos about their branches of the Diede family.

If you have news to be posted (see the News page) or other contributions to this web site (see the Contributions page), please send an email to Dave Walden at the email address at the bottom of this page. Alternatively, use the fax number 508-888-4168 or use the postal mail to 12 Linden Road, E. Sandwich, MA 02537.

To provide updates to Margie's genealogical database (or exchange genealogical data with her), send an email to Margie to discuss possibilities:

We anticipate that perhaps once a year (e.g., starting in 2006) we will make a copy of the then current content of this web site available on CD ROM at a cost that will at least cover our reproduction and mailing expenses. If you are interested, please send us your email address with a note to notify you when we are ready to produce the Diede CD ROM.

If you have questions about this web site, please send them to:
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