Purchases for shipment within the United States

Paying by check. If you and I (Dave Walden) know each other and you want to pay by a check, please email me at breakthrough@walden-family.com. Otherwise, at this point you must use PayPal.
When you click on "Buy Now" to get to PayPal, there is a credit-card option for those who do not have a PayPal account to click on "Use your credit card or bank account" at the bottom of the page.

Paying by PayPal. To order more than seven copies, please email me at breakthrough@walden-family.com telling me how many copies you want, and I will quote a price to you by return email.
To order seven or less copies, click the appropriate place in the following table to place the order through PayPal.
Copies Price
1 $32.50 Everything in this chart will be shipped via priority mail
2 $65 ($32.50 each)
3 $93 ($31 each)
4 $124 ($31 each)
5 $155 ($31 each)
6 $180 ($30 each)
7 $210 ($30 each)

email = breakthrough@www.walden-family.com
phone = 1-508-888-7655; fax = 1-508-888-4168
[Last modified March 7, 2017]